Project Clausfarm- Family room

Happy hump day Design lovers,
I’ve got a fabulous little family room reveal for you today. This project was extra fun because the homeowners happen to be super design savy, and are well versed and appreciate hand painted pillows, rich fabrics, modern abstract art, all mixed with a trendy boho vibe. These are not your average homeowners. Tomorrow I’m going to post a little ‘what can be done with just one consultation’ blog and you will see what they have done with just a little direction in their powder room and home office. 
Today we are revealing the family room at probect clausfarm. Although their old space was well coordinated they felt it was a little too traditional and feminine for their tastes and wanted something fresh and new. We sold all of the old furniture so we had a beautiful blank slate to decorate. 
Here’s what we came up with: 
The color pallet here is neutral with a pop of leopard. Obviously. 
The contrast of the black and white adds interest to the room. 
I thought the best way to maximize seating in this room was to add a large sectional. We had this one custom made from urban barn and she’s a beaut. 
This allowed us seating for 6 on the couch and room for a chair. A round wood coffee table gives the room that natural material which adds warmth and was needed to balance out the black and white. 
These Hollie Cooper hand painted and leopard print pillows with exposed brass zippers am I right??🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💕💕💕
This savy homeowner is well versed in all the design blogs and trends and had to have a juju feather headdress in the space of course. 
Simple unisex accessories fill the room all anchored by this grey and white trellis rug from urban barn. 
It all started with this structube art piece. Massive in scale and style it was the perfect addition to this room. 
The built ins are simply styled and not too fussy with black, white, and gold accessories. 
We added an itty bitty bit of color to the Space with these tonic living blue velvet toss cushions. 
Details of that gorgeous wood coffee table we got from joss and main. Accessories from homesense. 
I could live, work, and sleep in this room all day long. It may be one of my favorites yet. Thank you to the homeowners who were completely open and excited at all of the ideas. Sometimes the best rooms comes out of letting go a little and just letting the design naturally flow. They completely made this possible. 
Happy decorating all
Vision board I gave the client:
Before pictures: 

Project Northcliffe- Front porch

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Project Jennifer- Staircase/Hallways

Happy hump day friends, 
I’m excited and sad today. Today is the final reveal for Project Jennifer. I’m excited to show you the final pictures and to be able to close this chapter and try and relax for the rest of the summer. I’m also a little sad it’s all over. Well until this winter when I take on the basement. The truth is despite all the stress of a renovation it’s really just fun for me. I won’t be able to put my family through this again though. Need to keep them safe and sound in the same environment for min 15 years. However…I already have the itch to do it again so stay tuned for project flip (yes I want to flip a house next) coming in the future. For now I’m going to relax and enjoy the pool and kiddos this summer and I hope you do the same. 
Now, there are a few people I need to thank other than the fab 4 I mentioned last week. Pat and Chris the painters who hand painted every single spindle of this staircase (as well as the rest of the entire house). You are both amazing! Another special thanks to Ryan the electrician and his team who were the first ones to site and the last to leave working round the clock to hit this deadline. Does not go unnoticed. 
On to the reveal. The biggest sticky point in this house was the staircase for us. It’s steep, dangerous, dated, no railing, and literally went right into the front wall of the house. My husband did not want to buy the house for that reason alone so it had to go. There were several options floating around on how to change it but we landed on turning it mid way down and having it go into the dining room/hallway. 
Here’s what we came up with:
So its all about black and white mixed with a little Greek key. These posts were reclaimed beauties I found at the door store and needed a Little work. 
Here’s the before: 

I had the fellas paint this wall going up the stairs black so that my white art piece would really pop. A simple IKEA over head light adds to that industrial feel. 

The carpet runner adds softness underfoot. When my kids first came to the house with the finished staircase my daughter said “it feels so safe and luxurious” she’s 3 😳. 
Here’s a shot of that staircase turning and going into the dining room now. 
We still need to put up art and style the upper hallway but we ran the white washed oak flooring throughout here and kept the walls white and the trim grey.  The lighting is a steal from homedepot at $79 each. I love the mix of the brass and matte black on these fixtures. It connects the brass and black finishes throughout the house. All of the door hardware was replaced to a matte black square hardware. It unifies the old portion and the new portion of the house to make it look like it was always there. 
All the doors on the main floor were painted black and have brass and crystal hardware. Not sure if I’m breaking rules here but I think you can switch it up from floor to floor. 
We wanted to make a statement out of the otherwise ho hum front door. Trim was added new and old. These corbals were found at the door store (my fav) and new crown added up top to give it that grand entrance feel where the entrance was not so grand. 
Lastly, we did not get to the full exterior decor due to a lack of time and funds running dry. Next year we plan on painting this tired old brick to match the siding and adding white shutters and a few modern touches. I did paint the front door ‘tropical pool’ by Benjamin Moore and added a pineapple door knocker. It says a young fun family lives here and I like that. I like houses that don’t take themselves too seriously. Lol. 

Thank you for coming along this ride with me at project Jennifer. Your support and kind words have meant the world to me. I have lots of exciting project coming up for reveal very soon so stay tuned. 
Happy decorating all
Before photos: 

Project Jennifer- Master ensuite

It’s all about the master ensuite on the blog today and I am revealing the master bathroom at Project Jennifer. This is the last bit of the addition that you haven’t seen. Other than the walk in closet (which in not showing you because it’s too messy) but if you took a right at the brass palms towel holder that’s where it is. We wanted the over all feel to be light, and bright, and airy. Lots of white achieves that look but as you know, I can’t do boring. So I wanted a fun floor tile and hits of brass. I originally fell in love with a cement Aztec tile floor but it was pricy. After we found out we needed a secondary furnace and ac unit we didn’t account for unfortunately that tile was cut and in came in a more budget friendly but equally as interesting multi toned grey arabesque floor tile. 
Here’s what we came up with: 
So as you can see it’s all about that brass, bout that brass, no treble….
Lol but seriously I had the same issues with all of these brass finishings as I did with the matte black in the kids bathroom. Why can’t I just be normal and choose chrome like everyone else in the world (was a thought that entered my mind frequently). The minute I found the fixture I wanted I clicked brushed brass finish and the price and wait time doubled. A little frustrating but worth it as the brushed brass is really the Jewlery in this ensuite. 
You know I’m all about the high low mentality. With all the pricey delta ‘champagne bronze’ fixtures I went cheap and chic with the lighting. These two pendants were $25 each from Joss and Main. A steal! Add an Edison bulb inside and they are totally on trend. 

This vanity was ordered on sale from Wayfair and features a carrera marble top. It of course came with chrome hardware but easily changed out to brass. The Mirror came with it as well and works just fine in there for now. I do plan to replace it one day with something a little fancier. 
The Roman shade provides color and pretty pattern in this bathroom. It also provides privacy. Big, in a bathroom you plan on being naked in most of the time. 

We had 2 shower heads installed. 1- a regular shower head and 2- this modern looking handheld one. I had a vision of myself taking a shower alone and sitting in the bench shaving my legs and spraying then with this handheld shower thingy. In reality I shower usually with 1-2 toddlers and that wand is used to fill cups and bottles on the bench to occupy little fingers. #oneday
I asked the fellas to install an extra large shampoo niche because yes I’m a lady who lives in the suburbs and I like to buy the large Costco shampoo bottles 😁 which by the way totally fit in here. 
More of that delta champagne bronze…drool…totally worth it. 
How cute is this Anthropologie brass Palm leaf towel holder? I nearly died when I saw it and obviously had to have it 👍🏻
One day soon a large free standing soaker tub will replace this bench. Maybe come winter time. I’ll keep you posted. Again saved on lighting here and bought this bad boy at homesense for $59.99. 
Here’s another look at that yellow finch barn door that leads into the master bedroom. 

This bathroom is light, bright, spacious, and fun. I absolutely love it. When you look out the windows you are surrounded by tree tops and nature. It’s a really beautiful. 
I’ll be back tomorrow revealing the hallways and staircase transformation and then that’s a wrap on project Jennifer folks. Until I get going on the basement and spare bedroom this winter 🤗
Happy decorating all
Construction photos: 
The original vision board fit this room 

Project Jennifer- Master Bedroom

Happy Monday morning design lovers. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. In lovely Sharon Ontario we experienced giant hail balls coming down from the sky on Friday night. It was a storm like none other. So there was that. Rest of the weekend was great. We did an install of two rooms at another project which will be ready for its reveal soon. This week I’m going to finish off the reveal for #projectjennifer over in the addition. This part of the house is one of my favorites. It’s like this cozy wing just for my husband and I. Or so it was designed to be. In real life children and the dog come cruising in and out of here as they please but there is the potential to shut the door and have your own little space. 

This room also did not exist in the original home. We took the addition out over the existing dining room and garage. The master bedroom is basically the exact square footage and footprint of the garage. So it’s quite spacious. It is an incredible process to watch your ideas come to life and it could not happen without my amazing construction crew. A huge thank you to Ian, Matt, Colin, and Chris who were up on the roof all winter making this dream of ours come to life. 
Here’s what we came up with: 
This room is painted all white but it does not lack color. It all started from this teal juju feather headdress from snob stuff and spiralled from there. 
I had the fellas vault the ceilings in here which actually surprisingly didn’t cost more money. Since the roofline was already vaulted it was a design feature that came cheap. I also wanted two large windows (I believe my instructions were get me two of the biggest windows you can find) so that I could look out over the front and backyard from bed. 
These tonic living drapes flank either side of both large windows in the room. The fabric sets the tone for the room. When closed 2 of the 4 walls are filled completely with fabric. It’s dreamy and cozy. The color in the drapes is reflected in the color of the trees outside the window. When you wake up in this room you really feel like you are waking up on the treetops. It’s so serene. The barn door that separates the ensuite and closet from the room was painted yellow finch by Benjamin Moore and it really pops. 
I bought this chair when I was pregnant with my daughter and used it as a glider. I then used it in my sons nursery. Now it sits in our bedroom and is the perfect perch for bird watching, makeup application, and having your morning coffee. 
I got this rug for a steal of a deal at Wayfair. I ordered a runner for the “hallway” portion of this room as well. It adds a pinch of pattern and some softness underfoot. 
Dear sweet Rocky. Never far. Always handsome. Very sleepy from a day filled with naps. I want to come back in my next life as Rocky Balboa that’s for certain. 
These side tables were from our very first furniture “set” (barf in mouth a little). Can’t believe I was ever part of a furniture “set” purchase but it’s true. I was young/impressionable/financially unstable  so I’ll cut myself some slack. Anyhow, So I painted them black, spray painted the knobs gold, and had a mirror made for the tops. For a minimal cost they now look fresh and chic. 
The trim work in this room was very important to me. With it being a big white room it needed some detail. A few ideas were thrown around, all of mine were too complicated and involved for our tight timeline so I went with this simple box in a box detail. It adds so much to the room. You can see this wall from any point in the upper hallway as well so it had to be pretty. Plus is like a picture frame for my feather headdress 👍🏻
Ok so yes….we watch tv in bed (slap my hand and let’s move on). With a tv being oh so attractive I tried to make a moment of it by installing a gallery wall around it. The botanicals here add to that treetops feel. 
It’s not as if you can no longer see the tv but it’s better. Much better. 
By the stroke of luck it just so happened to be peony season during this photoshoot. All I had to do was go to the backyard and chop a few off the bush. They fill the house with the most beautiful fragrance. I love this room and every time I step foot in it I think ” I can’t believe I get to live here”. 
I’ll be back tomorrow with the master ensuite reveal so stay tuned. 
Happy decorating all
Construction photos: 

Project Jennifer- Brody’s room

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Project Jennifer- My Office

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Project Jennifer- Kids bathroom

It’s hump day friends and we are celebrating with the kids bathroom reveal at Project Jennifer. This room started as an all teal, all the time spare bedroom. As a bedroom it was quite tiny but fairly spacious for a kids bath. I approach kids bathrooms the same way I approach their bedrooms. You want a youthful, fresh, and fun vibe without being too

themed or childlike. The thing is the kids will grow up. And they grow up quickly, and you don’t want to be having to Reno a bathroom again in 5 years. Paint color? Accessories? Not a big deal to change. So we went whimsical, modern, and fun with this one. 
Here’s what we cake up with: 
I had a vision for a white subway tile bathroom with black grout and black walls for some time now. The best part of project Jennifer is that usually for clients the end space is me interpreting and executing their style. Here I just got to dream up whatever I felt like so it was like unleashing a kid in a candy shop. 
Since we were all about the white and black contrast in this room I had to have Mat black fixtures as well. Do you know how difficult it is to find mat black fixtures without paying a fortune? Yes not oil rubbed bronze sir but mat black… as the man stairs back at me blankly and sends me to a specialty store that has to special order one in for 5x our budget. God bless IKEA and Wayfair. The hardware in the bathtub is from Wayfair (under $500) and the taps from IKEA….a steal for $99 each 😳.
Even the glass installer went above and beyond finding me mat black handles for the doors. The same conversation took place in the beginning. Oh black you want? Yes of course here is it. No that’s oil rubbed bronze, I’m looking for mat black….blank look to follow. 
We created a little shower niche with inexpensive little black mosaic tiles. You can create these niches pretty Inexpensively using the pre made shower niche inserts from the tile store. Totally worth the extra $100 bucks because otherwise where are you putting your shampoo? On the ledge and cluttering everything up am I right? Maybe it falls down and hits your toe. Either way not the best scene. 
These farmhouse lights are actually outdoor lights from lowes I picked up for $39 each. I sprayed them yellow for a little dose of happy. The vanity, counter, taps, and medicine cabinets are all IKEA. Minimal expense but high impact due to the contrast. 
Just realized there are no plugs in the drains in these photos. Had to take them out as my kids flooded this bathroom a week after we moved in while I tried to take 1 minute to put mascara on. Anyhow…
I had to sneak a few ladders in the house ok. This one houses Turkish hand towels and painted nautical wood shapes from homesense. 

We kept one original piece from the teal on teal room and that’s this corner unit. We kept it teal for a little nostalgia for what was once here plus it totally goes with my scheme. Every time I look at it I think about how far we have come with this house and what an adventure it has been. The process has made me fall in love with my hubby even that much more because I truly feel understood. An emotion im realizing is the key to successful marriage. Simply understanding what makes the other one tick and respecting that. We kinda feel like hey if we got through this we can get through a lot. That being said I’m going to need to wait at least a good 15 years before I ever approach him with the idea to buying a fixer upper again. Everyone has their limits people. 

This space is fun and functional and we have had many a bubble baths in here already. 

Happy Decorating all
Mid construction photos: 
Before pictures: 

Project Jennifer- laundry room

Happy Tuesday, 

We are continuing along the upper floor at project Jennifer with the laundry room reveal today. This room was originally the home’s only bathroom on the upper floor (see before pics at the bottom of the blog). Not only was it the only bathroom but it was tiny and had no tub. Not functional for a family with a 2 and a 3 year old who bathe every night. So we took out one of the spare bedrooms and turned it into the kids bathroom. That left this space free so we decided to move up the washer/dryer from the original mudroom and give them their own space. Moving the laundry from the main floor to the upper floor is a total game changer. Laundry is now contained to one floor which makes for quick folding and less missing socks (seriously where do they go?). 
Since I spend a lot of time in this room I wanted it to be a little bit on the girly side which was ok with the boss. Anything for an excuse not to do laundry 😳. Here’s what we came up with:
These cabinets were from the old teal spare bedroom which is now the kids bath (see tomorrows blog post for before pics). I simply painted them out with the stonington grey trim color and added some lucite knobs. I then hung a closet rod underneath where I can hang clothes on hangers to dry. 
This storage closet was actually the pantry in the old kitchen. I had the boys move it upstairs before the walls went up. If we ever wanted to take it out it would have to be cut in half so it’s sitting pretty cozy in there. It’s a great spot to store extra detergent, dryer sheets, toilet paper, etc. 
The flooring is a charcoal grey arabesque and adds that little je ne sais quoi to an otherwise fairly utilitarian room. 
We will catch you back here tomorrow…same bat time…same bat Chanel to reveal the kids bathroom 👍🏻
Happy Decorating 
Mid construction photos: 

Before pictures:

Project Jennifer- Mia’s Room

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