Project Jennifer- Kids bathroom

It’s hump day friends and we are celebrating with the kids bathroom reveal at Project Jennifer. This room started as an all teal, all the time spare bedroom. As a bedroom it was quite tiny but fairly spacious for a kids bath. I approach kids bathrooms the same way I approach their bedrooms. You want a youthful, fresh, and fun vibe without being too

themed or childlike. The thing is the kids will grow up. And they grow up quickly, and you don’t want to be having to Reno a bathroom again in 5 years. Paint color? Accessories? Not a big deal to change. So we went whimsical, modern, and fun with this one. 
Here’s what we cake up with: 
I had a vision for a white subway tile bathroom with black grout and black walls for some time now. The best part of project Jennifer is that usually for clients the end space is me interpreting and executing their style. Here I just got to dream up whatever I felt like so it was like unleashing a kid in a candy shop. 
Since we were all about the white and black contrast in this room I had to have Mat black fixtures as well. Do you know how difficult it is to find mat black fixtures without paying a fortune? Yes not oil rubbed bronze sir but mat black… as the man stairs back at me blankly and sends me to a specialty store that has to special order one in for 5x our budget. God bless IKEA and Wayfair. The hardware in the bathtub is from Wayfair (under $500) and the taps from IKEA….a steal for $99 each 😳.
Even the glass installer went above and beyond finding me mat black handles for the doors. The same conversation took place in the beginning. Oh black you want? Yes of course here is it. No that’s oil rubbed bronze, I’m looking for mat black….blank look to follow. 
We created a little shower niche with inexpensive little black mosaic tiles. You can create these niches pretty Inexpensively using the pre made shower niche inserts from the tile store. Totally worth the extra $100 bucks because otherwise where are you putting your shampoo? On the ledge and cluttering everything up am I right? Maybe it falls down and hits your toe. Either way not the best scene. 
These farmhouse lights are actually outdoor lights from lowes I picked up for $39 each. I sprayed them yellow for a little dose of happy. The vanity, counter, taps, and medicine cabinets are all IKEA. Minimal expense but high impact due to the contrast. 
Just realized there are no plugs in the drains in these photos. Had to take them out as my kids flooded this bathroom a week after we moved in while I tried to take 1 minute to put mascara on. Anyhow…
I had to sneak a few ladders in the house ok. This one houses Turkish hand towels and painted nautical wood shapes from homesense. 

We kept one original piece from the teal on teal room and that’s this corner unit. We kept it teal for a little nostalgia for what was once here plus it totally goes with my scheme. Every time I look at it I think about how far we have come with this house and what an adventure it has been. The process has made me fall in love with my hubby even that much more because I truly feel understood. An emotion im realizing is the key to successful marriage. Simply understanding what makes the other one tick and respecting that. We kinda feel like hey if we got through this we can get through a lot. That being said I’m going to need to wait at least a good 15 years before I ever approach him with the idea to buying a fixer upper again. Everyone has their limits people. 

This space is fun and functional and we have had many a bubble baths in here already. 

Happy Decorating all
Mid construction photos: 
Before pictures: 

Project Jennifer- laundry room

Happy Tuesday, 

We are continuing along the upper floor at project Jennifer with the laundry room reveal today. This room was originally the home’s only bathroom on the upper floor (see before pics at the bottom of the blog). Not only was it the only bathroom but it was tiny and had no tub. Not functional for a family with a 2 and a 3 year old who bathe every night. So we took out one of the spare bedrooms and turned it into the kids bathroom. That left this space free so we decided to move up the washer/dryer from the original mudroom and give them their own space. Moving the laundry from the main floor to the upper floor is a total game changer. Laundry is now contained to one floor which makes for quick folding and less missing socks (seriously where do they go?). 
Since I spend a lot of time in this room I wanted it to be a little bit on the girly side which was ok with the boss. Anything for an excuse not to do laundry 😳. Here’s what we came up with:
These cabinets were from the old teal spare bedroom which is now the kids bath (see tomorrows blog post for before pics). I simply painted them out with the stonington grey trim color and added some lucite knobs. I then hung a closet rod underneath where I can hang clothes on hangers to dry. 
This storage closet was actually the pantry in the old kitchen. I had the boys move it upstairs before the walls went up. If we ever wanted to take it out it would have to be cut in half so it’s sitting pretty cozy in there. It’s a great spot to store extra detergent, dryer sheets, toilet paper, etc. 
The flooring is a charcoal grey arabesque and adds that little je ne sais quoi to an otherwise fairly utilitarian room. 
We will catch you back here tomorrow…same bat time…same bat Chanel to reveal the kids bathroom 👍🏻
Happy Decorating 
Mid construction photos: 

Before pictures:

Project Jennifer- Mia’s Room

It’s Monday morning and we are back to Project Jennifer’s room reveals. Since we finished off the main floor last week we are moving upstairs and into Mia’s room today. This room was the room with the least amount of work required in it. It was the old…

Project Jennifer- Mudroom

Good morning folks, In Canada we have a long weekend starting tomorrow to celebrate Canada’s birthday. It’s one of my favourite long weekends because it really kicks off the summer and is filled with bbqs, fireworks, and if you really lucky a dock…

Project Jennifer- powder room

Hi Friends,
Ive got the powder room at project Jennifer up for show today. I hesitated showing you this one because it’s not completely done. I’m going to be putting up some dreamy wallpaper above the black shiplap but I’m stuck on it. There are so many incredible wallpapers out there I can’t decide. I know. Me not being able to decide on something? Doesn’t seem legit but after making 1000 decisions for this house and other client houses I’m stuck on this one tiny thing. Anyway I put a quick coat of leftover grey paint on the walls to show you what we have done in here. We have gone from powder blue on blue to black on black. Enjoy. 
I’m a big believer of “don’t throw out the baby with the bath water”. When my hubby first saw this room and we were walking through the house making a list he was like “ok gut everything in here?” I was like WAIT!!!! That pedestal sink is not going anywhere. It’s gorgeous. After doing a little digging, the previous homeowner told me that she actually found it at the side of the road in Quebec. It was thrown out of a century home under renovation. It was over 100 years old. She scooped it up, and I love it. So it had to be preserved. 
We kept a lot of the existing doors in the house and just painted them and got new hardware. On the main floor all the doors were painted black (grey upstairs) and this Anthropologie crystal knob really shines. Black shiplap was added half way up all the walls and painted black. Of course. 
A mini black hex floor replaced the powder blue terracotta floor. It’s so mod and chic (and budget friendly) and I absolutely love it. 
Here’s another shot of that sink 😍 The mirror was a homesense clearance isle find for $39. 
Anthropologie has done it again with their bathroom hardware. I don’t know why a toilet paper holder makes a big difference in my day but it does. 
I love supporting local artist. These water color paintings were done by wild canary studios in Leslieville. They have an etsy shop. You may want to check her out. Her prints are adorable.
I hope you enjoyed this little room at Jennifer and have a great Tuesday all. I’m off doing installs all day and will be back tomorrow revealing the dining room 👍🏻

Project Jennifer-dining room

Bonjour mes Amis, 
Today is dining room reveal day. This space now looks very different from where we started because we took down three walls and turned the staircase from going right into the front door to having a landing and coming into the dining room. It was a difficult decision to make. There were plenty of options but this one to me, visually was the only one that made sense. It did mean however that we would be loosing 4 feet of width of the room at the one end. A sacrifice easily made for the trade off of a safe staircase and an open airy feel. It does mean that that one end of the bench in the dining room is a little tight to get in and out of. That’s ok. We will stick a small human or kiddo there, or someone we don’t like. Right? 
Because we had to add a secondary furnace and ac unit to heat/cool the addition in the mudroom that meant having to run hvac along the fire place wall. Since that would have looked awkward I had the fellas run a bulk head around the perimeter of the room and trim it out with some pretty crown moulding. We added some wall box trim to create even more interest. 
Here’s what it looks like now. 
I also added a ceiling medallion to give it a bit of a formal feel. The light fixture was a bit of a splurge from arteriors home and one of the first purchases for the house along with the kitchen island pendants. At night it casts the most beautiful pattern and glow on the ceilings and walls. A true test of a great dining room light. 

Here is a close up of the box detail we did ok all the walls in this room. 
And this west elm rug 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 am I right? 
We took out the old concerte hearth on this tired old fire place and replaced it with a baseboard trim. I had the fellas add two little pieces of trim on the sides of the fire place from the mantle to the bulk head. This allowed me to paint the fire place from floor to ceiling and give it a bit of a beefy, brand new type of feel. 
A lot of blood sweat and tears went into this staircase. 150 spindles were painted by hand by our amazing painters. Not to mention the treads and risers which were both painted by hand as well. The showstopper for me are these reclaimed posts from the door store. They add that old world elegance and detail that this house lacked. I’m sure my contractor will miss my texts of photos of items taken out of old homes😳 All beat up and partly destroyed and asking….can you make this work? I’m sure he was thinking why can’t you just buy something from the hardware store like everybody else? Less work for him I’m sure. But he never did. He always seemed excited at the challenge. The sign of a truly great contractor. The greek key runner finishes off the whole look and provides a soft safe environment for climbing up and down the staircase. 
One of my favourite parts of this dining room are these ruffle bottom drapes and this bench cushion moment. This window was already in place but by simply adding a bench cushion it creates not only a beautiful nook (and you know I’m all about the nooks) but extra seating. I plan on pulling up an extra table there at Christmas time when there are large family gatherings and everyone can still dine in the same room. 
We will be moving on to the mudroom and front entry way reveal tomorrow. Then taking a break for the long weekend and starting back up Monday with the upper floor of project Jennifer. Stay tuned. 
Happy decorating 
Mid construction photos: 
Before pics: 

Project Jennifer- Kitchen

The heart of any home is always the kitchen. It’s where we gather together multiple times a day and often say “hey…how was your day?” A rare moment in this crazy busy life. 

The kitchen at project Jennifer is no different and I had a very clear vision of what this kitchen should be the Minute I stepped foot in this house. The kitchen in its current state when we purchased the house was a bit of a schmorgus board of renovations. Some of the cabinetry was original to the 70s and painted lime green. Some was an early 90s orange wood. Some was 2000s cream. It was quite literally a dogs breakfast. No pun intended 😂
I enlisted the help of Foxglove Design in aurora for this portion of the project. I knew exactly how I wanted it to look like but needed help with getting my ideas on paper in form of a permit ready drawing. 
I knew I wanted counter to ceiling herringbone backsplash and open reclaimed wood shelving. ID been dreaming of this kitchen for years. I remember standing in the kitchen with our team and Michelle (yes the owner of foxglove is also named Michelle) suggested taking out the window above the sink that looked into the backyard. Taking out the window I thought? Won’t that make it dark? Aren’t we always trying to add light in a space? I was skeptical but I could see it was the only option to get the layout I wanted with the big range hood over this amazing Jenn air 6 burner stove, my backsplash statement, and the floating shelves. Off we went and this is how it turned out. 

Remember the drapes from the family room reveal yesterday. That fabric inspired this blue island. 

Here is a good look at that counter to ceiling herringbone subway tile backsplash. Dreamy isint it? 
Don’t be afraid to mix hardware. In this kitchen I kept it all brass but used cup pulls, knobs, dainty pulls, and even a beautiful vintage pull for the pantry. 
Here’s the view from the family room looking into the kitchen. That 9 foot Long Island really bridges the two rooms and provides enough seating/work space for the whole family. 
This beautiful bay window was already there when we bought the home. I just made it into a bench by getting a custom cushion made for it. It is the best seat in the house for your morning coffee. 
This wall had literally nothing on it in the original kitchen. For me it was such a missed opportunity for storage and a dose of pretty. We made it into a drink station for hot and cold beverages. 

This kitchen like any did not come without its problems and challenges. We waited 6 months for this jumbo oversized slab of pure white caeserstone. Originally we were told we had to have a large seam right down the middle of the island. Then at the last moment before they install they started manufacturing jumbo slabs. But they had flaws. We decided to wait and hold off in hopes they could work it out. That meant living with plywood counter tops for a good 6 weeks. I’ll be honest I started getting used to the practicality of cutting right on them and not caring what happened to them. Months later the jumbo slabs started coming out without flaws and we snagged the first one we could. When you see this big beautiful island in its entirety it was worth the wait. 
I never want to miss an opportunity for a nook. More storage, and a opportunity to display the pretty. This bulkhead had to happen because of the steel beam and hvac system. But there was a large open space in the middle. I had the fellas make me a mdf box which we inserted in there. I painted it white and had some more reclaimed wood shelves made. I use it to hold cookbooks which I wrapped in wallpaper and family photos. 

The brass bridge faucet is like 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 am I right? 
These arteriors home lights were one of the first items I purchased for this kitchen. I wanted a young, fresh, eclectic vibe and these fit the bill. 
I think a lot of homeowners are afraid of open shelving. Will it look messy? Will I have enough storage? For me it’s an opportunity to have your every day dishes at the easiest reach. Sprinkle in a few pretty items, cook books, succulents and voila. The open shelving is a huge statement. 
This area of the house used to be divided by all walls. It divided the stair, dining room, and kitchen. We opened it all up and it allowed for a little kitchen table to go in for weekday dinners. It also looks out to the backyard which is lush and green. The perfect little eating area. 
I think we made this as open, functional, and pretty as we could working within the existing structure. I love this kitchen and it was so exciting to see the ideas I had been brewing up for years come to life. 
Happy decorating all
Mid construction point photos: 

The before pictures: