Project Fairbairn- Dining Room

Hello friends, Here she is folks. The final room reveal of 2016 and then I’m going to take a little break to enjoy the holidays with my family. Truth be told I’m a little exhausted but don’t worry, I’ll be coming back strong in 2017 with a nursery…

Project Fairbairn- Family room

Happy Monday folks 

We are in the home stretch to the holidays this weekend and I figured I would sneak in the last two room reveals of 2016 with project Fairbairn’s Family room and dining room. 
I was called to this project originally as the homeowners had lived here for a few years and had implemented a few updates such as these gorgeous built ins you will see soon but overall felt the house didn’t feel so homey. They loved the exterior and property of the home but the finishings inside felt cold and did not reflect their taste. I always tell my clients when you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of rooms that need work in your home don’t try and conquer every room at once unless finances and time allow you to complete them all at the same time. Divide and conquer. What’s the most used room? Start with that and complete it. Then move on to the next. What I find when I enter most homes is that people find a piece of two for each room but are left with the feeling that every space is still incomplete. In this case we did the family room and dining room. The kitchen is likely on the chopping block next and eventually that blank wall behind the couch is coming out so that’s why we have left it empty. 
Heres what we came up with: 
These homeowners were pretty dreamy to work with. Very clear about their taste and the direction they wanted to go in. Ones a little more traditional. The other a bit more contemporary. They wanted an overall feel of a rich/neutral/restoration hardware inspired/ family friendly space. 
We debated taking down all of their Christmas decor for the shoot but in the end we felt it just added to the fun of the reveal the week before Christmas. Normally the room is set up with the two armchairs closer to one another and a small side table in between just so you can get a visual. 
These built ins though am I right? We styled them with some books that had been in the family for a while, an old camera, a record player, and a few fun accessories. 
This room has a huge full wall of windows and they back on to a forest so privacy is not a major issue. They did want the option to pull a Drape all the way across them in case they wanted to watch a movie. I proposed the option of doing multiple panels but they didn’t want to fuss with it. So I ordered in a specialty rod where you can install multiple brackets but still pull the Drape all the way across a wide spence. 
When I have a really big wall to fill and especially when it sits adjacent to a window wall I love using this three mirror trick. Three oversized mirrors all together mounted on the wall. Look how awesome they look. It makes the room feel huge and really reflects the light around. 
Those drapes again 🙌🏼
Here is the Drape fully shut. Gives the room a cozy feel for movies or Saturday morning cartoons for their three young boys. 
The ottoman adds some contemporary cool to the traditional lines of the sofa and chairs. 
You can see a quick peak into the dining room from this last picture and I’ll be back tomorrow to reveal that room. I love this space so much and I’m thrilled to give these easy going homeowners and their family a cozy place to kick their feet up after a long day. 
Happy decorating folks 

Project Thornbury- Twin Teen room

All good things must come to an end. This is the final room reveal from my time at project thornbury and I’m starting to get a little chocked up. I love this cottage and the drives back and forth with my client who is now a friend but I have a feeling we will be seeing each other again. Just a hunch. 
Today I have for you the twin teen room (say that three times fast!!!). These teen twins are hip, urban, chic, francais, oh and in a band so the room had to try and keep up with them. A black accent wall makes our pineapple tapestry pop. A Pom pom duvet cover and shams give it a youthful vibe. And a gallery wall of all the things they love complete the look. 
Here’s what we came up with: 
With all the fun that pineapple creates the rest of the finishes needed to be subtle. A dark wood bed frame. Antique side tables. Brass table lamps. Metallic throw pillows. A winning combination. 
That gallery wall contains a lot of special items for these girls. I found an old bench in the garage and moved it down here. I had a little cushion made for it and it’s a great spot to sit and put your socks on on drop your overnight bag. 
One more shot of that gorgeous black wall. This room is like a hipster. Cool without effort. Or at least that’s what I’m told the definition of a hipster is 😜. I hope these girls feel at home in this space and it’s used for creating lots of beautiful music. 
Au revoir project thornbury. You have been a dream. An absolute dream. 
Happy decorating all 

Project Thornbury- Basement Rec room

Happy Hump day design lovers, 
Are we all still crashing off the sugar high that is Halloween? We have almost completed our home tour of Project Thornbury and im getting a little sad. I’m going to miss this place and the folks that frequent it. I have two more rooms to reveal and then she’s finito. Today I give you the basement rec room. 
There are some rooms you design to be current, or trendy, or fresh and new. Then there are Some that are designed to tell a story. This room is a collection of furniture and items that have been in the family for decades. I think all the members get nostalgic when entering this room. The maroon leather chairs from Dads old billiards room. The family portraits with 80s hair dos (which by the way don’t ever throw out, who cares if they are a little dated display those bad boys). A rug that has seen at least two generations of babies grow up. All items collected over time. We added in some new drapery/pillows/Romans, some new lighting, and a few new accessories and voila. 
Here’s what we came up with: 
Every home I come into all the furniture is pushed against the walls no matter what the shape or size. Don’t be afraid to float that furniture people. First thing I did here was move the sectional off that back wall and float it way up in the room. I added two sofa tables behind it and grabbed some spill friendly leather chairs so that people can be watching a game and doing a puzzle at the same time. It creates a much more intimate seating area and diminishes that bowling alley feel in long narrow spaces. 
These wing chairs have sentimental value to the family but also are ridiculously comfortable. I dressed them up with a throw and pillow and placed them in front of the fire place. A vintage dresser serves as a tv stand with character. Natural linen oatmeal drapes and roman blinds provide privacy but texture and warmth as well.  
See that wagon wheel? A phenomenal wine cellar sits behind there and it is pretty spectacular. I’ve sampled a taste or two just to be sure they weren’t off. Thumbs up 👍🏻 
A rustic reclaimed wood blanket ladder gives this room that cottage cozy feel. This room reminds me of chicken noodle soup. The kind that’s homemade by mom that you come home to after a day on the slopes or after a big break up. Pure comfort. 
Happy decorating all
Before pictures: 



Project Thornbury- Halston’s Room

Happy Halloween friends, 
I thought it was only fitting that I reveal the most whimsical room at Project Thornbury today. I give you Halstons room. Ta-da! This sweet little boy is the only male child in a family full of ladies. We figured that he really needed a special spot that was just for him. Since he’s A lover of nature and this is in fact a cottage we went with a woodland theme. 
Here’s what we came up with: 
We painted the walls navy blue and added some white birch tree decals. Yes that’s Gus the grizzly poking his sweet little head through the trees. Adorable right? An off set cowhide rug adds a little sophistication to this kiddo hangout space. Cozy bedding (see what I did there) 😂🙈 and textures and materials found in nature complete the look.  
A frog and a squirrel made their cute little way on to the headboard wall. This room is fun but will grow with our guy. If he tires of the woodland theme you switch out a few accessories and your good to go. 
Little arrow drapes look sweet and provide some light control. Don’t be afraid to install full length drapes in the basement even on a small window. It lengthens the rooms and helps take away from that subterrain feel that most basements have. 
I love this room and I know Halston does too and that gives me the warm and fuzzies. 
Have fun trick of treating tonight all and keep your littles safe and warm. 
Vision board I gave the client: 


Before pictures: 

Project Thornbury- Halls and entryway

Happy Sunday design lovers, 
I hope everyone has had a fabulously spooky weekend. Halloween is upon us tomorrow but I thought I would sneak in one more blog post. Today I have project Thornbury’s halls and entryway. Enjoy with a morning coffee. 
I’ve mentioned before I completely fell in love with the woodworking in this cottage. Whether your gaga for wood or prefer an all white astethetic you can appreciate the beauty of this cottage. The entry and halls really showcase the woodworking. 
Here’s what we came up with:
That front door 😍 am I right? We added a simple roman blind in the window with a soft and subtle leaf pattern. A woven bench provides seating to take your shoes off, and little cottage kitschy items the homeowner had from her shopping travels were hung. 
Again the ceilings and floors….to die for!!! That beautiful gold window pane mirror we got at Saturday afternoons in aurora and it helps reflect the light around the room. 
Everyone struggles with what to put at the top of the stairs. It’s usually a dead zone. In this case a large dresser provides extra storage and is a vessel for more pretty things to sit up top. Also it was super heavy and we wanted to avoid being it down those stairs 😜
Right off this hallway is an upper porch. We made a little sitting area with furniture from another home. A few throw pillows to pull everything together all grounded by a Sisal rug. It’s very cozy and you can see the water from that spot so it’s the perfect perch for conversations and coffee. 
I’ll be back next week moving down to the basement. 
Have a happy and safe Halloween all 

Project Thornbury- Chantal’s room

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Project Thornbury- Twin girls Nursery

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Project Thornbury- Master Bedroom

Happy Tuesday design lovers,
Today is all about the master bedroom at project thornbury and she’s the prettiest little thing I’ve seen. The homeowner and matriarch of this family is a powerhouse. Always doing everything for others so I really wanted to create a special space where she could close the doors and feel completely at ease. 
She has a feminine side that really comes across in life and in home decor so a little fuscia had to find it’s way in here. Of course the inspiration came from the fabric as it almost always does. 
Here’s what we came up with:
The gorgeous wide plank hardwood floor and beautiful ceiling detail continues in this room and that view! So we wanted to frame the windows. We chose this gorgeous Sakura fabric and stole the whole colour scheme from it. 
We went with some reclaimed looking white washed furniture from saturday afternoons in aurora. I find too often in more rustic spaces there is too much wood. In this case the contrast of the floors, the white washed furniture, and painted wood ceilings is the perfect mix of updated rustic chic. 


Oh did I mention there is a little hallway between the master bedroom and ensuite and we decided to bedazzle it with this pineapple wallpaper? ❤️💕❤️💗
Did you know pineapples are a symbol for warmpth, welcome, friendship, and hospitality? Could not be better suited for this family who literally pulls you in for a hug the Minute you walk through the door. 
Ahhhh….one last stare at the wallpaper. She is just too pretty to put into words. 
So I know I’ve been using theses feather headdresses a lot but the truth is everyone keeps requesting them and I’d put them in every room possible if I could I love them so much. Just happened to find a fuscia number that fit perfectly in this space 🤗
We kept some of her previous furniture in the space like this beautiful daybed. I can picture one draping themselves over it with a glass of wine and a good book and watching the trees blow outside. Great. Reading. Spot. 
This homeowner has a love for antiquates and we tried to sprinkle some of her collection through in every room. 
A soft cream and grey rug anchors the room while family photos and collected art hangs on the walls. It creates a space that’s uniquely you. 
That dresser though am I right? 
Everyone knows I have an obsession with pillows and this project was no exception. Check out all the pretty perched on this bed. 
Every time I design I space I love I think “I wish this room were mine”. Where can I incorporate this into my home? Usually that results in a new pillow purchase which usually gets me in trouble with the Mr. 
Farewell for now. 
We are moving upstairs tomorrow with the kids/grandkids bedroom reveals. 
Happy decorating